Rock Your Life

Such an inspiration…

Hello Rudolf and Lars,

I am a huge fans and also a musician myself I was wondering if there is an english translation for your book and if so how and where can i buy it. Also if there is not an english translation do you plan on one and when do you anticipate it to be released. I would just like to say to Rudolf that allthough I am sorry to see the Scorpions retire, you all deserve it you have worked so hard all of these years and created some wonderful Music thank you all for all of the music that you have given the world. I have just got done done releasing my debut album and you guy were such an inspiration for me and will always continue to be, thank you so much for the inspiration.

Thank You For Your Time,
Your friend and Fan,

I wish you good luck with this amazing project…

Hey Lars & Rudolf,

I wanna tell you that your new website is amazing and now i’m starting to read the english version in pdf about chapter 3 from the website. I cant wait for the whole book!!

I wish you good luck with this amazing project especially when you asked from people to write about their planning for this month. I think it’ll will make many people to become more clear with their dreams.. More clear with mine too. I wish it will be released here in little israel but if not i’ll order online or maybe on one of the SCORPS concerts!!

Peace & Love & Rock’n'Roll!!

Alexander (Tel Aviv, Israel)