Rock Your Life

Lucky “winners” of 6 signed RYL poster… Congrats!

Míša from Czech Republic

Míša from Czech Republic

Dimitris from Greece

Dimitris from Greece

Dr. Phillip Crenshaw from USA

Dr. Phillip Crenshaw from USA

Thaiany from Brazil

Thaiany from Brazil

Mervi from Finland

Mervi from Finland

Martin from Iran

Martin from Iran

Tell us what you are going to change in your life and win a signed RYL poster with your name!

Finally our new website is online. Woohoo! You now know about the ROCK YOUR LIFE philosophy. Task of this month: What are you going to change the next three weeks to make your life happier? Send us a 10 sec video…


Patrícia from Porto Alegre…

Dear Lars and Rudolf, here’s my paragraph for the signed posted contest:

To rock someone’s life or your own is not always an easy task. On the next three weeks I’m going back to work after a well deserved vacation period. As a teacher, it is my job to rock my students lives by bringing them not only the knowledge they need for my class but also education, moral values, insight and inspiration. In life, we are all teachers and students, so on the next three weeks I’ll also open my heart and my mind to take in everything my students have to offer me that I can learn with them. Life is an exchange of experiences. Rock your life!!

Patrícia from Porto Alegre, Brazil

Daniel from Brazil…

Hey Rudolf! Hey Lars!
Well, that’s what I’ll do to change my life in these next three weeks:

In 2008 I joined the faculty of Business Administration against my will. I was just doing it because of my parents’ pressure. I was always afraid of trying to change that, or to take a different path, either for not knowing the reaction from the people or for caring too much if I could have enough money to live well in the future. But I realized that even in studying something that would give me a more certain future, I wasn’t even a little bit happy. It was then, last week, I decided to leave college, forget what the others would think about me, and try to realize my dream: to live upon music. I met a music producer in my city that is widely recognized, and he will produce the debut CD of Roxtream, my rock band. I am willing to try everything, to dedicate myself as much as possible to be happy, because the way it was I couldn’t be happy. I hope to live more for me now than to live for others, because it’s my life, and I want to ROCK MY LIFE!!

Daniel Guilhermino – Brazil


I have found myself back at a place in my life which is negative and destructive. I moved from this negative place to the positive many years back, but find myself here once again. And I don’t like who I have become because of this. I am determined to seek back the spiritual place that grounded me with positive energy and hope that I turned from. I need to get back to seeing things with spiritual eyes and back to believing that life is good and a gift. That the gift of my life is to focus on others-not so much mySELF. This is the true path to freedom and happiness and I have lost sight of that. My change is to once again return to this important truth.

Thank you !

Mervi from Finland…

Cheers Rudolf & Lars & other Great Scorpions members!

Instead of sending You 10 sec video (I don´t own a video camera)  I send You 10 words sentence :)

I change 3 Cs in my life: company,career, country.

Quite radical changes but I will turn 40 on March so isn´t this a good time to do a total U -turn ? :) I was with my friends in Riga 2008 to see your concert with philharmonic orchestra. To be able to live the concert again and again, we bought a DVD from your Berlin concert; we never get tired to watch it time after time! While waiting for your new album, I start to read Paulo Coelho’s latest book. He is the best author in this universe!

All the love and peace for You
Mervi from Finland

Kasie from Poland…

Dear Rudolf & Lars! :-)

What I am going to change the next couple of weeks to make my life happier? Hmm.. I promise yourself to spent more time of week to study english and to spent a lot of time and learn some new chords with my guitar, because I didn’t have time before to play and hadn’t enough patience. :-(

Have a good weekend & evening,
Kasie (from Poland)

Dimitris, 18, from Greece…

First of all a big change in my life is that “Rock Your Life” will be in my hands in some days… But I’ll tell you something I haven’t told anyone… I payed so much attention to my studies and it’s only the first year! I started in september and before september I was thinking of rocking here and forming a band… But I didn’t… So one big change is MORE rock n roll… THAT’S WHAT I WANNA DO!!! Go out, find some mates rock for a long long time and live our lives… so the next 3 weeks are dedicated to rockin’ n’ rollin’ here in Patras, Greece and start this band!!! And then I’ll try to get the things in my life done in my way… Not the others way!! Cause sometimes craziness is the most logical thing in life… And that’s the best way of living… Just do what your heart tells you to do…

So I just can’t wait for these weeks to come and do some Rudolf stuff… ;)

Míša from The Czech Republic…

Hey guys,

I was really thinking about this question. This is hard one, because I don’t like planning for the future. I don’t know what I will do next weekend. BUT I should start with preparation for my school-leaving exam. And I should make more free time for my friends. I know, the word SHOULD doesn’t mean that I will do everything what I’ve just written, but I can promise I will try do it!

Have a nice day and Rudi, see you in Prague!  ;-)
Míša (The Czech Republic)

Soraia from Portugal…

hello rudolf and lars,

I have only 15 years and completely am gotten passionate by scorpions and promise that in the next weeks I go you dedicate itself you learn you say English or German you speak with rudolf when you eats Portugal and also go you continues my promise of the book rock your life goes you be the first one that I go you read in all my life my see dream is you adds element of scorpions you the living creature and my possibility arrived thanks you rudolf and will be with it in nor Portugal that it has you sleep the door. ha and during the next weeks I will go you try you discover the you date of becomes of the book in Portugal. hehe


I will be changing my garden from winter to spring….at the moment the snowdrops are blooming and I can see other bulbs pushing up from the ground but I am going to be focusing on planting seeds for flowers and veg indoors so that I can plant them out during the right time period and seeing and harvesting the results in the spring, summer, and fall gives me a great sense of accomplishment.


Flavia, 14, from Brazil…

Hi Rudolf, hi Lars :)

I’m Flavia, I’m from Brazil and I’m oly 14… Well, first of all, i have two philosophys. The first one is the Alternative Society, a way to live the life in your best way, to go against the common sense, to have your own ideias, and the RYL philosophy is included there. You can’t do things you want having insecurity and been hypocritical… so that will be my first change. I want to join the RLY philosophy into my life. :D The second thing is that I’ll find a way to get this book, and try to play The Temple Of The King and Send Me An Angel on the guitar :) So, the next few weeks will be dedicated to that. :D
FlaKepp on rockin’
and come back to Brazil :D we are waiting here!!!