Rock Your Life

Daniel from Brazil…

Hey Rudolf! Hey Lars!
Well, that’s what I’ll do to change my life in these next three weeks:

In 2008 I joined the faculty of Business Administration against my will. I was just doing it because of my parents’ pressure. I was always afraid of trying to change that, or to take a different path, either for not knowing the reaction from the people or for caring too much if I could have enough money to live well in the future. But I realized that even in studying something that would give me a more certain future, I wasn’t even a little bit happy. It was then, last week, I decided to leave college, forget what the others would think about me, and try to realize my dream: to live upon music. I met a music producer in my city that is widely recognized, and he will produce the debut CD of Roxtream, my rock band. I am willing to try everything, to dedicate myself as much as possible to be happy, because the way it was I couldn’t be happy. I hope to live more for me now than to live for others, because it’s my life, and I want to ROCK MY LIFE!!

Daniel Guilhermino – Brazil

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