Rock Your Life

Dimitris, 18, from Greece…

First of all a big change in my life is that “Rock Your Life” will be in my hands in some days… But I’ll tell you something I haven’t told anyone… I payed so much attention to my studies and it’s only the first year! I started in september and before september I was thinking of rocking here and forming a band… But I didn’t… So one big change is MORE rock n roll… THAT’S WHAT I WANNA DO!!! Go out, find some mates rock for a long long time and live our lives… so the next 3 weeks are dedicated to rockin’ n’ rollin’ here in Patras, Greece and start this band!!! And then I’ll try to get the things in my life done in my way… Not the others way!! Cause sometimes craziness is the most logical thing in life… And that’s the best way of living… Just do what your heart tells you to do…

So I just can’t wait for these weeks to come and do some Rudolf stuff… ;)

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