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Flavia, 14, from Brazil…

Hi Rudolf, hi Lars :)

I’m Flavia, I’m from Brazil and I’m oly 14… Well, first of all, i have two philosophys. The first one is the Alternative Society, a way to live the life in your best way, to go against the common sense, to have your own ideias, and the RYL philosophy is included there. You can’t do things you want having insecurity and been hypocritical… so that will be my first change. I want to join the RLY philosophy into my life. :D The second thing is that I’ll find a way to get this book, and try to play The Temple Of The King and Send Me An Angel on the guitar :) So, the next few weeks will be dedicated to that. :D
FlaKepp on rockin’
and come back to Brazil :D we are waiting here!!!

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  1. I warmly Welcome and encourage this new generation to change this word to more human direction! :)

    Comment by Mervi — February 27, 2010 @ 1:49 pm

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