Rock Your Life

Mervi from Finland…

Cheers Rudolf & Lars & other Great Scorpions members!

Instead of sending You 10 sec video (I don´t own a video camera)  I send You 10 words sentence :)

I change 3 Cs in my life: company,career, country.

Quite radical changes but I will turn 40 on March so isn´t this a good time to do a total U -turn ? :) I was with my friends in Riga 2008 to see your concert with philharmonic orchestra. To be able to live the concert again and again, we bought a DVD from your Berlin concert; we never get tired to watch it time after time! While waiting for your new album, I start to read Paulo Coelho’s latest book. He is the best author in this universe!

All the love and peace for You
Mervi from Finland

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